About Us

So what has Erickson Barnett got—really?

We've Got Lumber.

His name is Woody. He's a six foot tall foot wooden mannequin that likes to dress up for special events and special guests.

We've Got History.

We were here before Al Gore invented the Internet. We focus primarily on working with emerging and established B2B technology companies, foundations, and venture capital firms (see our list of clients — we can always put in a good word for you).

We've Got Values.

Be passionate, be curious, do your best work, be smart about it, and let it be fun.

  • We are passionate people committed to each other and our mutual success.
  • Our curiosity feeds our creativity and is a catalyst for growth and innovation.
  • Doing our best work sets us apart and creates value for ourselves and for our clients.
  • Being smart means we leverage our collective strengths and intelligence.
  • Having fun makes everything else come to life.

We've Got Feedback.

Our customers say Erickson Barnett:

  • Listens. We understand their objectives.
  • Has a long-term perspective, ensuring business success.
  • Is a blast to work with.
  • Creatively brings ideas to life.

They say we "get it." Which means the right solution, on time, on budget.

We've Got Compassion.

Erickson Barnett also donates time, energy, and creative juices to help worthy organizations (if you think you are one of these kinds of organizations you should contact us immediately).

Organizations We Help

Tap Into Our Thinking

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