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Four Client Launches in January - New Brands and New Sites Position EB Clients To Compete in 2009

We're still in the first month of the 2009 and already things are hopping for our clients.   We've launched four web sites, two with entirely new visual identities in place, to help our busy clients drive sales in the new year:

Aptela - this "five step" site for Aptela makes it easy for small businesses to go through the Aptela sales process and features a new corporate logo, tagline and visual identity. Aptela is ready to close some business with this site, and that is "clear and simple" - their new tagline.

Carefx - the new visual identity and tagline, Simply Advancing Healthcare, work together with the powerful use of video and a strong site architecture to help Carefx tell their story and advance their sales process.

ExpertChoice - already a market leader in advancing complex decision making, the new ExpertChoice web site elevates their leadership position and message to a winning level.

Hillcrest Labs - what better way to show your prospects the experience of your product then to show it.  The new Hillcrest Labs web site brings visitors right into the experience of navigating a multi-channel media world.

With these four extraordinary sites behind us you might wonder what more Erickson Barnett can possibly deliver...we say watch this page.  We have several more client reveals about to make their debut. 




Erickson Barnett Introduces New Template for Marketing Collateral in a Web 2.0 World

Collateral 2.0 Fuses Traditional Product Sheets with New Media Technology

November 17, 2008 – Erickson Barnett, a marketing agency focused on the needs of the B2B technology market, today introduced a new collateral template designed to advance the sale of technology products and services by providing buyers with the rich media and social media they expect in today’s technology buy process. 

“User generated content on blogs, wikis, and community sites together with an increasing ability to deliver streaming video* have changed the way buyers expect to interact with a vendor’s content.  Today’s buyer wants content that is interactive, they want to hear the voice of the customer or the vendor, and they want transparency at all stages of their buying process,” said Lee Erickson, President and Co-Founder, Erickson Barnett.  “By using our Collateral 2.0 format, marketers can deliver more engaging content to their buyer and really set themselves apart from the competition.  Collateral 2.0 is just one of shifts we are helping our clients create to help them be successful in today’s 2.0 world. “

Called Collateral 2.0 ™, this new approach to traditional collateral is created by embedding video and links to social media content into an Adobe PDF document.  It changes what has been a very static sales tool into a dynamic experience for the buyer.  You can embed:

»         Video Content – your experts, customer testimonials, or industry experts;

»         Multiple images – instead of one or two photo images typical on standard product literature, you can embed a dynamic gallery using Flash technology;

»         Applications – add an ROI calculator or interactive product comparison checklist;

»         Blog Content – add links to your blog or other industry blogs;

»         Industry News – pull in news feeds from the most popular sources.

“When Erickson Barnett showed me the Collateral 2.0™ prototype I immediately realized the value in creating collateral that interacts with my buyer in a more dynamic way,” Amy Ferretti, Vice President Marketing, Carefx.  “Erickson Barnett has figured out how to take today’s rich media assets and social content and bring them into our communications process at the collateral exchange stage.  I applaud their ability to think about things from the buyer’s perspective.”

To see a live example of a Collateral 2.0 data sheet visit

*KnowledgeStorm reported that 78% of technology buyers said video made content more compelling and valuable and 57% of buyers say video impacts their buying decision.

Erickson Barnett Launches SwiftMD Web Site

SwiftMD – a company with a vision that will change the way patients interact with physicians – has launched a new streamlined website: In addition to a new design and architecture, the new site provides consumers and businesses with the information they need to understand the benefits of Tele-health (on-demand access to physicians) and includes an informative paper outlining the benefits Telemedicine will bring.

Erickson Barnett Closes First Two Quarters with Seven New Clients in the B2B Technology Sector

Erickson Barnett’s focus on the B2B technology sector leads to acquisition of seven new technology clients:  Plateau, Tandberg, Aptela, ExpertChoice, Morgan Franklin, CareFX, and SwiftMD.

Erickson Barnett Adds Two Healthcare IT Clients

Two healthcare technology innovators, CareFX, provider of open and scalable interoperability solutions for healthcare provider organizations, and SwiftMD, provider of an on-demand online Tele-health service, have joined the Erickson Barnett client roster.   Both CareFX and SwiftMD are innovators in their fields and have turned to Erickson Barnett to deliver the marketing support they need to advance their business.

Erickson Barnett Hosts Social Media Strategy Event

Erickson Barnett hosted an event to share their Social Media assessment and strategy methodology with B2B marketers.  The session, which was a repeat of the presentation at the MarketingProfs annual B2B Forum, gave marketers concrete actions they could take away and implement within their organizations.  To see the full presentation or download the PowerPoint visit  

Erickson Barnett to Present Social Media Strategy at MarketingProfs B2B Event

MarketingProfs, a provider of strategic and tactical marketing know-how for B2B marketers, selected Erickson Barnett to present their Social Media Strategy methodology at the June B2B Marketing Forum. 

Erickson Barnett Moves Into New Space

Erickson Barnett moved into their custom build out of their new space on Sunset Hills Road in the Reston Virginia.  Their new location features a client guest office, three conference rooms, a large art room, and of course an agency bar. 

Suzie Kamasa Joins Erickson Barnett as Senior Account Manager

Suzie’s been in the marketing business for more than 20 years and ran her own agency in London - Carr Kamasa Design - where she worked with a broad range of UK and European companies including Diageo, Legal & General, and Riggs Bank on branding, collateral, campaigns, preparing for IPOs, and shareholder communications.